16 Recent WWE Releases You’ve Already Forgotten: Where Are They Now?

16 Recent WWE Releases You’ve Already Forgotten: Where Are They Now?

Today we present you with – “16 Recent
WWE Releases You’ve Already Forgotten
: Where Are They Now? “
16. David Otunga
Whilst he still is technically
with the company,
you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that
that David Otunga had been given
the pink slip long ago.
Joining the WWE as part of the
first season of NXT,
Otunga came in 2nd place behind
Wade Barrett,
with the pair having major success
in the Summer of 2010
as part of the Nexus.
A real-life attorney
it’s been quite a while since the
Harvard graduate
laced up his boots
with his last match taking place in
July 2015,
where he lost to R-Truth.
Nowadays, Otunga spends most
days now as the host
for several WWE Network shows,
before being moved to the RAW
Commentary team in April 2017.
After leaving to film a movie for 6 weeks,
the Harvard-graduate wasn’t invited
back to the desk,
being replaced by Booker T,
seemingly a sign that WWE have
nothing special planned for him.
15. Yoshi Tatsu
Yoshi Tatsu was never going to be
the company’s next Steve Austin,
but the Japanese star definitely
better during his 7-year stint
with the WWE.
Debuting on the main roster in 2009,
Tatsu originally appeared in ECW,
putting on quiet, entertaining matches
for the third brand.
An above average wrestler, it’s a real
shame that the Japanese star
was barely featured in any feuds
with those that he was
involved with lasting little over
a month.
Hoping to revamp his career, Tatsu
joined the new NXT in 2012,
though had his last televised victory
in February that year,
2 years before he’d be given the
boot by the company.
Even when he was released
in June 2014,
Tatsu wasn’t given the spotlight,
being just one of a dozen Superstars
released at the same time.
Upon his release, Tatsu has been
able to turn things
around at several indie promotions,
working with New Japan,
CMLL and currently All Japan
Pro Wrestling
where he recently held the company’s
World Tag Team Championships.
14. Kaitlyn
As a body fitness Champion,
Celeste Bonin
had plenty of accolades on her
resume already
But in 2010, the Texan hoped to
add to her titles,
, joining the WWE in season 3
of the original NXT.
Emerging the winner, Kaitlyn was
quickly snatched up by the
SmackDown brand
and formed a team with
fellow-nerd AJ Lee
as the Chick Busters.
After the two went their
separate ways,
Kaitlyn would focus her efforts
of championship gold
capturing the Divas Title in her
hometown of Houston
defeating Eve Torres.
Dropping the title
5 months later to former friend AJ,
Kaityln retired from wrestling
in January 2014,
to focus on her clothing line,
and her work as a spokesperson
for Blackstone Labs
and Prime Nutrition.
Whilst both ventures have been
a huge success for her
it’s clear that Bonin couldn’t
shake the wrestling itch,
with her returning to the company
as part of the 2018 Mae Young Classic.
Whilst she would be eliminated by
Mia Yim in the second round,
it seems that the WWE Universe
haven’t seen
the last of Kaitlyn just yet.
13. Percy Watson
After the success of the first
season of the original
reality-show version of NXT,
a second series was assured,
with more new names
hoping to be the company’s next
break out star.
Enter Percy Watson, a young face
with a great physique
and an incredible personality
that made him
arguably the best part of the series.
Whilst his matches were
sometimes lacklustre
it was clear from the start that Watson
was seemingly destined
to be a big character on the roster.
That is why it was so shocking
that in 2013,
Watson was released by the WWE,
with Watson working several
independent circuits after being cut.
What was just as shocking was
that he was rehired in 2016,
though as a commentator
instead of a wrestler.
Now working alongside Tom Phillips
and Nigel McGuiness in NXT,
Watson has found a comfortable
niche for himself
showcasing his mic skills
without taking painful bumps.
His gift of gab has also been
displayed on 205 Live,
which Watson joined in April 2018,
working alongside Vic Joseph.
With that said, it’s clear to anyone
that listens
that Watson is having to holdback
as an objective commentator,
and perhaps would be more
suitable as a manger,
especially for someone who
struggles on the mic.
12. Mason Ryan
From a first glance, Mason Ryan
seemingly had everything
he would need to thrive as a
With a dominating physique and
muscles upon muscles,
it was destiny that he would
be a huge star
in Vince McMahon’s world
of the giants.
Unfortunately, a good look can
only take someone so far,
as the Welshman was not very
good inside the ring,
and was somehow even worse
on the mic.
Joining CM Punk’s New
Nexus in 2011,
Ryan lost a large majority of
his matches,
losing to R-Truth by DQ in
his RAW debut,
Randy Orton in March,
and Kane, again by DQ in May.
After suffering an injury,
the Welsh powerhouse returned in
September after 4 months away,
and despite a fresh babyface turn,
the fans still could not care less
about him.
Hoping to turn things around
in 2013, Ryan joined NXT,
starting a winning streak in January
by defeating Sakamoto,
though this didn’t lead to anything.
Being released in 2014,
Ryan spent a few months on
the independent circuit,
including appearing at an IMPACT
taping in 2015.
That same year, he joined the
Inoki Genome Federation,
with the Japanese promotion
featuring several
former WWE Champions,
including Kurt Angle,
Jinder Mahal
and Brock Lesnar.
Not only using his size in the ring,
the Welshman now also works
for Cirque du Soleil,
where he amazes crowds as
the chief archer of Kà.
11. CJ Parker
In NXT, there is clearly a lot more
room for Superstars
to have input with their gimmicks,
with successful characters
like Elias,
Tyler Breeze
and the Wyatt family
all coming from the
developmental brand.
With that said, there are still
some gimmicks
with the Full Sail crowd
and CJ Parker was one of them.
Originally appearing as a
babyface from the 70s
the company quickly turned
Parker heel,
changing him into a ruthless
who would berate the fans
in his efforts
to protect mother Earth.
The character quickly faltered
as few fans took him seriously,
and Parker requested his
release in March 2015.
Now on the indies as Juice Robinson,
Parker has had much bigger thanks
happen to his career
competing for New Japan,
Pro Wrestling Noah and CMLL.
A former IWGP United States
Champion and aged just 29,
it’s clear that he has plenty yet
to give to the industry
with rumours circulating that
the WWE are hoping to re-sign him.
If so, let’s hope that they’ve learnt
from their mistakes,
and treat Parker as the Superstar
he has clearly become.
Joining the WWE as their first
Lithuanian Superstar
there was allegedly a time when
the company had high hopes
for Aksana
seeing her as a future top Diva.
After all, when she joined the
company in 2009,
Aksana was an accomplished bodybuilder,
winning 2 Silver medals at the
Bodybuilding Amateur World
This success however, would
not transition to WWE,
with the Lithuanian star never
coming close
to being a big star in the company
and she was given the boot
in June 2014.
Before being released,
she found some success
teaming with Alicia Fox,
and whilst the team never set
the world on fire
their FoxSana name was fantastic
for all fans of wordplay.
In 2012, Aksana probably made
her biggest mark in the company
introducing Claudio Castagnoli,
who fans would quickly learn to love
as the Swiss Superman Cesaro.
Now on SmackDown Live,
Cesaro has had great success in
his 6 years with the company
holding the United States
and Tag Team Championships
with this success all stemming
from Aksana.
9. Corey Graves
There will soon come a time
when it is a long-forgotten fact
among casual fans
that Corey Graves was ever
a wrestler.
Joining the WWE in 2011,
Graves had major success as part of NXT,
including a reign as NXT Tag
Team Champion, alongside
Adrian Neville.
Dropping the titles to the Ascension
in September 2013,
Graves would quickly be side-lined
with a series of concussions,
which sadly led to his retirement
from wrestling in 2014.
Fortunately for the Pittsburgh-native
the company signed him as a commentator,
with Graves originally working
behind the NXT desk,
before transitioning to RAW
and SmackDown Live.
Whilst it sad that Graves will never
live out his life-long dream
of being WWE Champion,
it’s great to see the company not
give up on someone
so passionate about the industry.
Whilst his work on Monday Nights
often leads
to bickering amongst the commentary team
no-one can deny that Graves has
been a huge success
since retiring as a Superstar.
8. JTG
8. JTG
When the WWE were
going to debut their new
tag team ‘Cryme Tyme’,
it was probably a bad sign
company thought it was necessary to
give a warning about racial stereotypes
before the team even appeared.
Seen as insensitive at the best of times,
and downright racist at the worst,
the teaming of Shad Gaspard and
JTG were released in September 2007
though rehired six months later.
Whilst they never won Championship
gold, the team were prominently
working alongside John Cena in 2008
and feuding with Chris Jericho
and the Big Show in 2009.
Splitting in 2010,
JTG quickly became an afterthought
in the company,
with rumours speculating that
the New Yorker would find
places to hide backstage,
to avoid being released.
Fans quickly saw the funny
side of all this,
with ‘HowLongHasJTGBeenEmployed.Com’
allowing fans to count
the seconds of his tenure.
That tenure did end in 2012,
with JTG joking on Twitter that he
should never have answered
his phone,
though his release has allowed
for him and Shad
to reunite on the indies.
7. Evan Bourne
The original Neville,
before Neville had even
joined the company
Evan ‘Air’ Bourne was meant to
be the ultimate high-flying
baby face.
After a stint as OVW
Heayweight Champion,
Bourne joined the main roster
in 2008,
where he held his own against
much larger opponents
such as Big Daddy V
and Mark Henry.
Moving to RAW after the end of ECW
the Bourne continued his
high-flying ways,
with the Shooting Star R-K-O
on RAW in April 2010
still being seen as one of the
best counters in company history.
Unfortunately, Bourne was a
high’ flyer in every sense of
the word,
being suspended twice for
breaking the company’s
Wellness policy.
Being released from WWE in 2014,
Bourne now competes under
real name Matt Sydal,
competing for companies
such as Ring of Honour,
Dragon Gate,
New Japan
where he is a former
X-Division champion.
Whilst this success could make
fans believe
the WWE want him back,
Sydal is staying as controversial
as ever,
being jailed in Japan for
carrying liquid Marijuana
in an incident that no doubt
killed off any chances
of a WWE return.
6. Zahra Schreiber
We’ll never know just
how far Zahra Schreiber’s
career would’ve gone,
though in her time with
the company,
she had more than her
fair share of controversy.
Joining the WWE in the
Summer of 2014,
she appeared on Tough Enough,
worked as a ring announcer
and was briefly the manager
for Solomon Crowe,
who now competes in Impact
as Sami Callihan.
However, just a year into
her WWE career,
Schreiber was released
by WWE,
after several social media
posts came to light.
In those posts, Schreiber
had several pictures of Swastikas,
as well as several other
pieces of Nazi paraphernalia.
As if that wasn’t enough, Schreiber would be a
key player
in a love triangle that
saw Seth Rollins
cheat on long-term
girlfriend Leighla Schultz,
with Schultz posting nude
images of the chea ting duo online.
Whilst Rollins survived this
PR disaster,
winning the WWE World Championship a month later,
the company quickly cut
ties with Schreiber,
who has worked with
several indie promotions,
, including REAL Pro Wrestling
and DreamWave Wrestling.
Schriber is also now dating
the company’s first openly
lesbian Superstar
Sonya Deville, so let’s see
where this relationship takes her.
5. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
Being a second-generation
star in wresting
wresting can certainly open a
lot of doors, but still can only
take you so far.
As the son of the British Bulldog,
Davey Boy Smith Jr had a lot
to live up to,
as his father had worked with
some of the all-time greats
most notably Bret Hart at
Summerslam 1992.
The younger Smith did not live
up to his father’s standard though,
and after a brief reign as
Tag Team Champion,
was quickly relegated to
appearances on WWE Superstars.
Being released in 2011,
Smith would later say he’d lost
his passion for the business,
but has competed on the indies
ever since.
In 2018 though, Smith made
headlines for all the
wrong reasons
getting into an argument at a WrestleCon event with Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.
Smith would eventually throw a
cup of hot coffee at the
Hall of Famer,
later fleeing the scene,
before a warrant was put out
by the New Orleans Police.
Whilst charges were eventually dropped
after Smith apologised to Roberts,
this is definitely not the
impression Smith
wanted to give fans,
many of whom will have
forgotten about him
after his WWE release,
7 years ago.
4. Ted DiBiase Jr.
Much like Davey Boy,
Ted DiBiase Jr. had a lot to
live up to
when he joined the WWE.
His father,
the Million Dollar Man’,
had been one of the
company’s most dastardly heels,
even buying a brief reign
as WWF Champion.
Aligning himself with Cody
Rhodes and Randy Orton
as Legacy,
DiBiase was rumoured to
receive a big push, which
never came
failing in his feud with Rhodes,
and tried,
unsuccessfully to get himself over
with the ‘DiBiase Posse’ campaign.
In 2013, Dibiase chose to
leave the company
due to family commitments,
and has seemingly put his
wrestling days behind him.
Nowadays, DiBiase works
as the vice-president
of a business development
insurance company
and part-times as a motivational speaker
in schools in Mississippi, Alabama,
where he lives with his wife
and two children.
What is most interesting about
his departure, is that for years
many fans assumed that
Ted would be a huge star in
whilst his partner Cody would
quickly be released and forgotten.
With Rhodes now arguably
the hottest star in wrestling
at the moment,
it’s funny just how wrong
the fans can be.
3. Layla
If you asked WWE fans
when did Layla retire from
they probably wouldn’t
have a clue.
But on July 15th 2015
the British star hung up her
boots for good,
after a series of injuries kept
on the bench for the better
half of a year.
Originally working as a member
of the Miami Heat Dance Squad,
Layla would win the 2006
Diva Search
to get her big break in the WWE.
Winning the Women’s
Championship in 2010,
her team with Michelle McCool
made the duo
the WWE’s resident Mean Girls,
though many fans saw
the story of making fun of Mickie
James’s weight a step too far
as the company had in real
life issues
with the beautiful James for
her alleged weight problems.
After Laycool split in 2011
Layla would change her evil ways,
becoming a beloved babyface,
capturing the Divas
Championship in 2012.
After losing the title,
the British star would be
featured less and less,
eventually becoming just
one of the roster,
before her retirement in 2015,
and married fellow former
WWE Superstar Ricky Ortiz
in November that same year.
2. Brodus Clay
Another superstar who had come from
the reality show era of NXT
Brodus Clay was touted by many to be the
next big man of the company, following in the
footsteps of the Big Show and Mark Henry.
Sadly, Clay’s WWE career arguably peaked
at WrestleMania 27, when he stood on the
outside of the ring,
during the show’s opener between
then-World Champion Edge, and
Clay’s NXT Pro, Alberto Del Rio.
Redebuting as the Funkasuarus in 2012,
Brodus had some fun moments
though the gimmick quickly got old, with Clay
eventually leaving in 2014, never holding a
Since then, Brodus moved on to IMPACT,
though resumed his henchman role there,
much to the same quiet reaction as his time
in WWE.
The super-heavyweight ex-Funkasaurus appears
regularly on The Greg Gutfeld Show (under his
TNA ring name of Tyrus),
The former bodyguard for Snoop Dogg often
jokes around with his fellow panellists about
key issues in politics and the media, proving
that there is plenty of brain, to match his brawn
1. Brad Maddox
Joining the WWE in 2008, the career
of Brad Maddox didn’t really pick up
until late 2012, but when it did, there was
seemingly nothing that could stop him.
As the referee in a Hell In A Cell WWE
Championship match between CM Punk
and Ryback,
Maddox would stop the Big Guy in his tracks
with a devastating low-blow, allowing the
Second City Saviour to retain.
Being made RAW Genera Manager in 2013,
Maddox maintained in the role for a year, before
being released of his duties in May 2014,
and was infamously released from WWE in 2015,
for calling the fans “cocky pricks” during a dark
As if he wasn’t already in the company’s bad
books, Maddox would be involved in the awful
leaked photos of WWE Superstar Paige,
being seen in several photos, alongside the
New Day’s Xavier Woods.
Whilst he did receive a tombstone piledriver from the
Undertaker on an episode of the Tonight Show with
Jimmy Fallon
dressed as a Turkey no less, don’t expect to see
Brad Maddox back in WWE, any time soon.
Well guys that’s our list, while you are watching,
did any recently released
superstars we might have forgotten come to your
mind, if so, drop us a comment below and let us know
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