15 Most Shocking And Memorable Moments In The History Of WWE Survivor Series History

15 Most Shocking And Memorable Moments In The History Of WWE Survivor Series History

Today we present you 15 Most
Forgotten Incidents in Survivor
Series History
15 Kane Buries The Undertaker
Alive (2003)
When Mr. McMahon said
he would bury The Undertaker alive
at Survivor Series,
many understandably doubted the
For over a decade, the Deadman had
been digging holes and taking souls,
and it seemed that the Boss had made
a rather, ‘grave’ mistake
pardon the pun.
So it was a shock to the WWE Universe,
when Taker’s younger brother Kane
attacking his sibling and burying him
giving McMahon the victory.
After all, the pair had not been seen
together for years,
with the Big Red Machine dominating
on RAW,
whilst The Undertaker cementing himself
as the Phenom of SmackDown.
The shocking betrayal by Kane
one of the few cross-branded attacks
that made dual-branded pay per views
at the time so exciting
as fans never knew what would
happen next.
The WWE Universe would not see
the Deadman for months,
but saw hints of the Phenom
as the conscience of the company
proved that it’s hard to kill,
what is already dead.
Most memorable of these, was the
infamous gong that sounded during
the 2004 Royal Rumble,
distracting the dominant demon, who
was eliminated by Booker T.
After weeks of tormenting his brother,
The Undertaker would finally return at WrestleMania 20,
defeating Kane in an impressive showing, proving there was only
one true Lord of Darkness in the WWE.
14. The People’s Champion Becomes
the Corporate Champion (1998)
When you ask a wrestling fan about
Vince Russo,
most will recoil in horror,
before launching a tirade about how
the New Yorker killed WCW,
and did his best to kill TNA.
But during his time in WWF, Russo is
responsible for some of the greatest
decisions in the company’s history,
with the 1998 Survivor Series being
Russo at his very best.
After the WWF Championship was
vacated due to controversy,
a Deadly Games tournament was
announced for Survivor Series,
where the winner would join the elite
few to hold the top prize in the
From the start, it was clear that the
People’s Champion was against
the wall,
facing off against McMahon’s private
guard, the Big Boss Man, which he
was able to defeat in seconds.
After Shane McMahon costed Steve Austin
a spot in the finals it all came down
to the Boss’ pick Mankind, against
the Great One.
In the closing moments of the match,
The Rock applied Bret Hart’s
sharpshooter on Foley,
with McMahon instantly calling
for the bell,
showing his true masterplan.
A stunned crowd turned into an
angry mob,
as The Great One lifted the gold,
becoming one of the WWF’s top heels,
with Mankind becoming the ultimate
sympathetic babyface.
It just goes to show, don’t cross,
the boss.
13.Team Austin Vs. Team Bischoff (2003)
Not satisfied with just one shocking
the 2003 Survivor Series had a second,
this time from the RAW brand.
When Linda McMahon appointed Stone
Cold Steve Austin
the co-general Manager of RAW,
Eric Bischoff was far from pleased.
Bischoff had fired the Rattlesnake
just weeks prior,
and now Austin was back, raising hell
just like before.
But the Rattlesnake raised a bit too
much hell,
and after attacking many on the roster,
Linda made the rule,
that Austin couldn’t touch a superstar,
unless physically provoked.
Still unable to co-exist, the match was
If Austin’s team had won, the rule
would be lifted,
but if Bischoff’s team won, Austin
would be fired.
For weeks, Austin tried to form a team,
despite his own mantra of
‘Don’t Trust Anybody’,
with Shawn Michaels becoming
the final man,
the same man who had retired
after facing Stone Cold at WrestleMania.
After an epic battle, Michaels was
left alone
Chris Jericho, Christian and
Randy Orton.
Never one to quit, Michaels battled on,
eliminating Jericho and Christian.
With the referee down,
and Austin opening a much over-do can
of whoop-ass on Bischoff,
Batista appeared out of nowhere to
destroy the bloodied Michaels,
allowing his Evolution teammate to
get the win,
and send the Bionic redneck packing.
The outcome may not have been
what fans wanted,
but the journey there, and the
post-match moment between Michaels
and Austin,
made this match a true gem in
Survivor Series history.
12. The Gobbledy Gooker
For those of us born in the middle of
the 1980s, the 1990 Survivor Series
may very well be the first real wrestling
The Undertaker arrived on the scene
that night, causing many of us to have
nightmares for the next few weeks
Funnily enough however, the arrival
of the man who would go on to have
the most respected career in the business
wasn’t the main talking point coming
out of the show some 27 years ago.
No, the main thing to happen on that
show at the time was actually the
hatching of a giant egg
The egg had sat ominously for months
,just waiting to hatch, holding either
secrets or something terrifying.
It turned out that it actually just held
Hector Guerrero in a big turkey suit,
as ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund revealed
what was known as the Gobbledy Gooker.
The whole thing was quite obviously
a sham, and went nowhere fast.
Needless to say, Undertaker has
experienced longer success.
11. The Big Show’s Surprise Win
Over Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar’s 2002 debut saw him
shoot to the top of the WWE, crushing
all opposition including big wins over
Hulk Hogan, the Rock, and even the
Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell.
Now, WWE Champion, it seemed as
if Brock Lesnar was unstoppable and few
expected things to turn out any different at
2002’s Survivor Series when the Big Show
challenged him for the belt
However, fans were in for a surprise
when Paul Heyman betrayed his
client Lesnar,
helping the Big Show to get the pinfall
and the WWE Championship.
Ironically, Show had stunned the
wrestling world a few years earlier at
another Survivor Series, winning the
WWF Championship in a Triple Threat
Match between the Rock and Triple H.
While some fans criticized the WWE’s
move of Show winning, it put heat on him
and Heyman, setting up a rivalry between
two of the biggest men in the WWE.
10. Hulkamania is Dead (1991)
Just one year after his 1990 Survivor
Series debut, the Undertaker was put
into the main event at Survivor Series,
taking on Hulk Hogan for the WWF
With “Real World’s Champion” Ric
Flair and ‘Taker’s manager Paul Bearer
at ringside, the Hulkster had his hands full.
Still, “The Immortal One” had overcome
great odds before and it seemed unlikely
he’d be dethroned anytime soon after
regaining the WWF Championship at
WrestleMania VII.
However, the combination of the Undertaker’s
near-invulnerability, and outside interference,
led to a shocking loss for Hogan as Ric
Flair slid a chair into the ring, allowing the
Undertaker to Tombstone Piledrive Hogan onto it.
Even the power of Hulkamania wasn’t
enough to keep Hogan from counting
the lights that night.
9. Mr. Backlund Becomes
Mr. WWF Champion
Bob Backlund left the WWF in 1984
after losing the WWF Championship
and refusing to turn heel
Fast forward to 1992 and Backlund
was back in the WWF, showing he hadn’t
lost a step since leaving his long-time home.
Backlund, who held the WWF Championship
for the second-longest reign in company
history made a spectacular showing at
1993’s Royal Rumble, setting an endurance
record that would last over a decade.
By summer 1994, Backlund had earned
a WWF championship match with
Bret “The Hitman” Hart.
The hotly contested bout aired on the
7/30/1994 edition of WWF Superstars,
with “The Excellence of Execution” living
up to his nickname by defeating Backlund.
After the match, Backlund snapped,
locking Hart in the Crossface Chickenwing.
Bob Backlund became “Mr. Backlund,” a
deranged wrestler who claimed he was
still WWF Champion as he’d never been
pinned or made to submit (As WWE
aficionados know, Backlund’s manager
threw in the towel during his match
against the Iron Sheik, leading to
the Sheik winning the belt).
Nonetheless, Bret Hart was still WWF
Champion until Bret’s brother Owen
(then feuding with Bret) masterminded
a Submission Match between Bret and
Bob at 1994’s Survivor Series.
That night, Bret’s second Davey Boy
Smith was knocked out, and when
Bob Backlund locked the Crossface
Chickenwing on Bret, the conniving
and cowardly Owen manipulated his
and Bret’s mother into throwing the
towel in for Bret.
This resulted in a shocking win for
Mr. Backlund and added more fuel
to the Bret vs. Owen feud.
8. The Ultimate Opportunist Strikes
Edge earned the nickname “The Ultimate
Opportunist” because of his propensity
for taking advantage of whatever
opportunities came his way.
Case in point 2008’s Survivor Series
when a Triple Threat Match for the WWE
Championship between Triple H, Jeff Hardy,
and Vladimir Koslov turned into a one-on-one
battle after Jeff was found unconscious in his
hotel room (no, we’re not talking about
Jeff’s party lifestyle at the time, but a kayfabe attack).
The match continued until Vickie Guerrero
announced Edge was being inserted
into the match.
“The Rated ‘R’ Superstar;” who had been absent since SummerSlam where the Undertaker had
choke-slammed through the ring, went
into action, seeking championship gold.
Jeff Hardy came out, steel chair in hand,
but when Jeff went to hit Edge, he struck
Triple H instead.
Jeff blasted Koslov as well, but his efforts
proved futile as Edge speared Jeff and
covered Trips for the pin, becoming
WWE Champion.
7. “Stone Cold” Does the
J-O-B for the C-A-R (1999):
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was the
hottest act in the WWF, but even the
“Bionic Redneck” was subject to human
By 1999, Austin had wrestled with an
injured neck sustained thanks to a
botched piledriver from Owen Hart at
1997’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.
. In order to write Austin out of 1999’s Survivor Series where he was scheduled to face WWF
Champion Triple H in a Triple Threat Match
with the Rock, the WWF had “Stone Cold”
run down by a car driven by a mystery assailant.
This shocking turn of events wrote
Austin out of the ring for nearly a year,
allowing him to heal from his surgery.
6. The Phenom’s Return (2005):
2005 featured a RAW vs. SmackDown!
five-on-five elimination match with Shawn
Michaels putting Randy Orton in what was
seen by some as a career-making night for
the master of the RKO.
Orton’s fellow SmackDown! Wrestlers
flooded the ring to congratulate him.
Apart from this survivor series victory,
Orton in general, had a good year, he
was responsible for trapping the Undertaker
in a flaming casket at October’s No Mercy
Unfortunately for “The Legend Killer,”
he hadn’t quite finished off “The Dead Man”
as soon became evident when the Undertaker’s
signature sound echoed through the arena.
As ‘Taker’s gong sounded, a group of
druids brought out a casket to the
entryway and moments later, a bolt of
lightning struck it, setting it on fire.
The casket was engulfed in flames
as the Undertaker smashed through it,
making his way to the ring.
Randy Orton did a great job selling
how shocked he was, and soon, the
Undertaker proceeded to destroy
Orton’s colleagues from SmackDown!
Orton slipped away, setting the
stage for future match-ups.
5. This is Sting (2014)
After WCW’s demise, wrestling fans
wondered when WCW’s franchise player
would enter the WWE.
While many former WCW stars such as Booker T, Ric Flair, Scott Steiner, and Bill Goldberg
made their entry into the ‘E, Sting
remained a holdout, reportedly refusing
to work for the WWE because he could
not square his Christian beliefs with the
WWE’s sometimes racy content.
Sting went to work in TNA, but remained
out of the WWE—that is until 2014
when Sting made several appearances
for the WWE including contributing to the
WWE Network documentary Warrior:
The Ultimate Legend and hyping his
role in the video game WWE 2K15
The release of the WWE home video
The Best of Sting and Sting’s surprise
appearance at 2014’s San Diego Comic
Con only fuelled speculation of a Sting
return to the ring.
At Survivor Series, the speculation
turned to shock, as the Stinger showed
up to help Team Cena overcome outside
interference by Triple H during their battle
with Team Authority.
Sting’s return began a program
culminating in a Sting vs. Triple H
bout at WrestleMania XXXI.
4. Slip Loose the Hounds of Justice (2012)
While the WWE has been rightly criticized
for predictable booking, the debut of the
Shield and their subsequent push was
anything but predictable.
The trio of NXT wrestlers Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins showed up at 2012’s
Survivor Series during the WWE
Championship main event between
CM Punk, Ryback, and John Cena;
making an immediate impact on the
main roster.
The black-clad bruisers triple power-bombed
Ryback through a table, enabling CM Punk
to hold on to his WWE Championship
against Cena
The Shield ultimately became main event
stars thanks to a shocking debut and a
well-planned follow-up program that saw
them win over some of the biggest names
in the WWE.
3. Shawn Michaels: The Comeback Kid (2002):
In 2002, Shawn Michaels shocked the
wrestling world when he came back from
what was believed to a career-ending injury
he’d suffered back in 1998.
Michaels returned for a match with his
former friend Triple H, and to many fans’
surprise announced he was cleared to
wrestle for more matches.
Michaels feuded with Hunter, culminating
in the first-ever Elimination Chamber
Match at 2002’s Survivor Series.
Michaels battled in the chamber with
Booker T, Chris Jericho, Kane, and
Rob Van Dam; all five Superstars
vying for Triple H’s World Heavyweight
Michaels showed he was still
“The Show Stopper” defeating Chris
Jericho then Triple H to win the belt.
Michaels’ win shocked the world,
silencing any nay-sayers who
complained his best days were behind him.
2. Who’s Next? Brock Lesnar (2016):
WWE fans weren’t sure just what to
expect when the company announced
Bill Goldberg was returning to the WWE
at 2016’s Survivor Series.
Not only had the WWE booked Goldberg
terribly during his first WWE run in 2003,
but Goldberg hadn’t competed since 2004
and was now weeks shy of turning 50.
Factor in the WWE booking Brock Lesnar
as a monster heel and fans had low
expectations for this one.
What the fans got was shocking
—Bill Goldberg destroying Goldberg
in less than two minutes with two Spears
and a Jackhammer.
Fans are still debating whether the
WWE’s booking of Goldberg vs. Lesnar
was well-done, but there’s no question
this Survivor Series match was shocking.
1. The Montreal Screwjob (1997)
Let’s face it, no one is shocked to
see the Montreal Screwjob ranked
at the top of our list.
However, you can be certain that
twenty years ago, WWF fans were
not only shocked, but awed by the
sheer audacity of the WWF’s Vince
McMahon screwing Bret Hart out of
the WWF Championship at 1997’s
Survivor Series
The screwjob triggered “The Hitman’s”
berserk button, sending him into a fury
that saw him destroy WWF equipment at
ringside, then pantomime he was headed
to WCW.
That was just the beginning though
as Hart cold-cocked Vince McMahon
Although Vinnie Mac would claim “Bret
screwed Bret,” it soon became apparent
that Bret fell victim to one of wrestling’s
biggest double-crosses.
The Screwjob is still talked about today,
with some fans still believing it was a work.
Whatever your feelings, if you were
a fan when it happened, it’s hard to
think of any Survivor Series as shocking
as this one.
Well guys, that’s our list. Can you think
of any other forgotten incidents in Survivor
Series History. If so, remind us in the comments
section below
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