10 WWE Wrestlers With More Championship Reigns Than You Remember

10 WWE Wrestlers With More Championship Reigns Than You Remember

Wrestlers are like musicians.
Some win titles like the best artists release
albums –
sporadically, but to award-winning fanfare
– while others are more like pop stars who
churn out number 1 hits, or in this case title
wins, like somebody owes them money.
That’s not to say
that the pop stars of wrestling deserve any
less credit of course – after all, Ric Flair
is a 16-time World
Champion and is arguably the greatest of all
time – but it has become the case since the
brand split eras
of the past decade and a half that title reigns
can flash by quicker than we have the time
to process, and
some less noteworthy names have therefore
been considered in the same category as all-time
greats in
terms of their accolades.
What was once the immensely difficult task
of being entrusted with the WWE’s
Heavyweight, Intercontinental and Tag titles
has since become somewhat easier, with young
up and
comers often being entrusted with noteworthy
championships as a simple means of establishing
In this list, we’re going to look at a collection
of such people and a few legends who happen
to have won titles for such brief periods
of time that we have forgotten it happened,
or have simply won
too many to remember.
I’m Adam Pacitti from cultaholic.com and this
is 10 WWE Wrestlers With More Championship
Reigns Than You
Join Us.
R-Truth is the kind of wrestler whose accomplishments
seem to be reduced quite often to his rap-along
entrance music and late-career shtick as being
absolutely f*cking mental, but the truth is
[see what I did
there?] that he’s actually played quite an
important role in professional wrestling in
the past two decades,
headlining WWE pay per views as a challenger
for the WWE title, featuring opposite The
Rock in
Dwayne’s first return to the ring in 8 years,
and even being a key figure in the rise of
NWA-TNA – winning
the NWA World title on 2 occassions.
His championship history in the WWE echoes
this often forgotten
legacy too, with Truth being a 1-time United
States Champion as of his victory over The
Miz in 2010 (we
don’t remember it either) and a 1-time Tag
Champion alongside Kofi Kingston in 2012.
If those for some
reason live long in your memory, then how
about Truth’s 2 Hardcore Championship reigns
under his
previous WWE mantra of K-Kwik?
That’s right, Ron “The Truth” Killings is
a 2-time WWF Hardcore
Champion, though these reigns likely don’t
exist in your memory at all unless you were
in Greensboro,
North Carolina on February 3rd and 4th 2001,
because each title reign lasted mere minutes
at a couple
of back-to-back house shows that never made
it to TV.
If ever there was a wrestler that personified
a member of a list titled “more title reigns
than you can remember” should be, then it’s
an almost secret 2-time Hardcore champion.
David Otunga
Yes, Mr. Lawyer-turned-wrestler-turned-announcer-turned-whatever-he-is-right-now
David Otunga, has
somewhat of a forgotten championship history.
First of all, he actually won some WWE gold
during his
time as an active in-ring talent, which could
be seen as shocking in of itself.
But, if you remember
precisely which titles he won, and versus
whom, you should probably get your priorities
Otunga is actually one of the least championed
members of this list, having had only 2 title
reigns in his
short-lived WWE wrestling career, but each
reign seems as forgettable as the next.
The first reign came
as a tag champion alongside John Cena of all
people in a Nexus-fused storyline that was
as forgettable
as the reign itself which lasted only 3 hours!
It was blink and you’ll miss it, and at the
time, David Otunga
was hardly the sort of character you’d open
your eyes for.
His 2nd reign was more substantial yet somehow
even more forgettable, as the then New Nexus
member teamed with up-and-comer Michael McGillicutty
(now Curtis Axel) for a 3-month tag team title
reign in the summer of 2011.
Admittedly, the WWE’s tag team division at
the time wasn’t much to shout
about, but this reign may be one of the most
forgettable in history, solidifying Otunga’s
spot on our list.
Sheamus is the sort of wrestler whose spot
in the WWE isn’t what it could be given his
somewhat stereotypically Irish brute has had
a Hall of Fame career complete with a Royal
Rumble win,
Money in the Bank win and even an often-forgotten
King of the Ring win, but his title history
seems to be
even more impressive.
Sheamus is a 4-time World champion in the
WWE, 4-time Tag champion and 2-time United
That’s 10 title reigns overall, and if you
can claim to remember every single one off
the top of
your head then bravo to you!
For those a little less enthusiastic about
mohawk-wearing Irish men,
Sheamus’ first title reign was as WWE champion
after a shock victory over John Cena in a
Tables match
at TLC 2009 – quite memorable, admittedly
– though his 2nd came in a fatal-four-way
versus Cena, Edge
and Randy Orton at Fatal-4-Way 2010, a pay
per view many of you had forgotten about until
I mentioned
it just now, admit it.
His 3rd reign was the infamous 18 second Wrestlemania
victory over Daniel Bryan and his 4th came
his cash-in on Roman Reigns at Survivor Series
His 4 tag title reigns have all been as a
part of the
tag team he’s formed with Cesaro, each of
which has been memorable in its own right,
but there is one
particular US title victory – as a winner
of a battle royal – that seems to have skipped
the annuls of history
for its lack of notoriety.
This was Sheamus’ run as champion in the summer
of 2014; a title reign about as
memorable as that lunch you had 3 and a half
weeks ago, by yourself, in your room, while
Celtic Warrior Workouts on YouTube.
When you’ve had a career that stretches for
a longer amount of time than most people watching
video have been alive, it’s easy to notch
up a title run or two that doesn’t live long
in the memory,
especially when you’re the son of a son of
a plumber turned and latex-fetishist parading
around like
you’re a walking, talking Oscar – the epitome
of rough and ready wrestler if ever there
was one.
Goldust was a 2-time WCW US champion, 2-time
WCW Tag champion, a 1-time WCW 6-man tag
champion and a 1-time NWA tag champion, though
his title reigns under Vince McMahon’s direction
have rarely been more memorable.
The now legendarily positive backstage influence
and all-time great
wrestling character has had many a title reign
that doesn’t quite live up to the unforgettable
nature of his
character, with 3 Intercontinental title reigns
stretching only 161 days (or just over 5 months)
being the
most damming evidence of this – a title win
over Razor Ramon in January 1996 being the
Goldust has also accumulated 3 tag title runs
over his 2 decades in the WWE, though the
alongside Booker T, Cody Rhodes and then Stardust
(who isn’t Cody Rhodes at. all.) were much
memorable than his 9 Hardcore title wins.
If you were paying attention to the R-Truth
entry, it’s probably
clear that a Hardcore title run doesn’t make
for a historically long or notable spot in
the memory, and with
8 of Goldust’s short-lived reigns occurring
within the same month of April-May 2002 at
various house
shows, and the other being a two-week run
that kicked off on Smackdown earlier that
year, it’s fair to say
that Goldust has had just a few title reigns
that none of us will ever remember.
Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin has had a long and prosperous
WWE career, that much is well known.
Did you know
he’s also the 12th longest reigning Intercontinental
Champion of all time?
Benjamin is, in fact, a 3-time IC champ having
transitioned into a singles run in 2004 following
noteworthy tag title reigns as a part of the
World’s Greatest Tag Team alongside Charlie
Haas, and
though his 8-month-long first IC title reign
may have been memorable for the promise it
seemed to show
for Benjamin’s prospects, his 2nd and 3rd
reigns (each in 2006) were much less notable,
with the third
coming as the result of a pinfall victory
over then champion Rob Van Dam in a 2 on 3
handicap match of
all things.
It was a reign that lasted less than a month,
becoming the most forgettable of Benjamin’s
career – a career that also featured a US
title run on Smackdown in the years to follow.
Given his current
spot on the roster, and the lasting memories
of his performances in Money in the Bank ladder
Benjamin’s title history may often go overlooked
despite him being an important mid-card talent
various points in the past 15 years.
Jeff Hardy
One of the most prolific champions currently
active in the WWE is Jeff Hardy.
The 3-time world champion
has had many a memorable moment, particularly
regarding his pursuit of and defence of said
world titles,
and he’s even had four pretty solid Intercontinental
title reigns.
He was, of course, an 8-time tag
champion alongside brother Matt – though which
runs you remember probably depend on your
age – and
he’s also had multiple title reigns that barely
even process as memories even for the more
hardcore of
In 2001, for example, Jeff became Light Heavyweight
Champion for 20 days when he beat Jerry
Lynn – himself a forgettable WWE character
despite his worldwide acclaim outside of the
company – on
an episode of Smackdown just months before
the title was retired.
And, much like several other entries
on this list, he was a multi-time Hardcore
champion, accumulating 3 title wins in total.
While all 3
occurred on TV – unlike those of R-Truth and
Goldust – each run with the belt was short-lived
instantly forgettable.
For a champion of 18-times, Jeff’s reigns
have been largely memorable but my
goodness some were lacking in significance.
Matt Hardy
Jeff’s brother Matt may have been less over
with the WWE audience for the vast majority
of his career,
but his list of title reigns is no less impressive.
A 14-time champion in his own right, Matt
Hardy held the
tag titles with not only Jeff, but also MVP
– hands up if you remember that one!
He was also ECW
champion, notably holding the belt during
the buildup to his feud with Jeff leading
into Wrestlemania 25,
and his Cruiserweight title reign back in
2003 was memorably funny and produced an exciting
opener versus Rey Mysterio.
But, Matt was also a US Champion in 2008 having
beaten MVP for the
gold, a European champion for three months
in 2001 following a win over the legendary
Eddie Guerrero –
but who remembers more than one or two European
title reigns, really? – and a 1-time Hardcore
champion, running with that title for an entire
3 days in April 2000; making another Hardcore
title winner
a dishonorary member on this list.
Then again, what should we expect from a title
that had more title reigns of under 5 minutes
than it did of
reigns lasting more than 1 week, and was once
held by a character simply known as “Godfather’s
Booker T
Trailblazing former world champion turned
awful colour commentator Booker T is the sort
of wrestler
whose post-retirement career has dampened
the impact of his in-ring career somewhat,
so it’s easy to
misunderstood the man who coined the phrase
“shucky, ducky, quack, quack” as simply being
immature catchphrase-spouting goofball despite
the historical evidence highlighting him as
a 21-time
champion in WCW, and a 12 time champion in
WWE – quite the record for a man who was at
one time
poked fun at by Michael Cole every week on
Raw commentary.
As a star in WWE, Booker was a 1-time WCW
champion towards the start of his run but
waited nearly a
decade for his 2nd world title reign as King
Bookah – a gimmick born from a King of the
Ring victory –
though each was way more memorable than his
forgettable WCW tag title run in WWE, his
Intercontinental title run, at least 1 of
his 3 US title runs, and of course his time
at the helm of the
hardcore title – THAT DAMN TITLE!
With 33 title reigns under his belt throughout
his illustrious WCW and WWE careers, Booker
T can often
be overlooked as an all-time great despite
the evidence pointing strongly towards precisely
that being the
Of course we’ve forgotten just some of these
reigns – there have been 33 of them!
Chris Jericho
If ever there was a member of the old-school
who had too many title reigns to remember,
it would be
Chris Jericho.
Compared to even Booker T and Goldust, Jericho
has been notching up Gold like
nobody’s business, accumulating 27 total title
reigns in the WWE alone throughout his multiple
tenures –
one of the largest accumulations of any wrestler
He was, of course, memorably the first ever
Undisputed Champion – beating Steve Austin
and The Rock
in the same night, didn’t you know? – and
headlined many a pay per view (including Wrestlemania
26) as
World champion, but he was also a 7-time tag
champion as a part of Jerishow, a team with
Edge, a team
with Christian, a team with Chris Benoit and
even a team with The Rock!
If you can remember each and
every one of those, you should challenge some
wrestling guru to a trivia battle or something…
Of course, Jericho is somewhat reputably a
9-time Intercontinental champion so, pretending
we know
every detail of all 9 reigns, we suggest that
his European championship reign was less well
and his hardcore title reign was about as
important and everlasting as every other damn
hardcore title
reign on this neverending list of HARDCORE
Let’s remain calm…
That f*cking belt though!
Give Jericho’s career a quick thought and
you are reminded of his greatest moments but
rarely his
incredible accomplishments.
This is a guy who has forged a path unlike
any other in the WWE and
undoubtedly has the bragging rights of earning
so many titles during his time that nobody
could possibly
remember them all.
Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston tops our list of WWE Wrestlers
with More Championship Wins Than You Remember
one simple reason – it’s easy to forget that
he’s been doing this since 2007!
Kofi has of course had immense success as
a 4-time tag champion with the New Day, but
throwing pancakes into the crowd and riding
magical unicorns of positivity, Kofi was somewhat
of a
drifting mid-carder whose reputation seemed
well suited for 4 Intercontinental title reigns
and 3 US title
reigns as a singles star, despite only ever
getting 1 main event push – and we all know
how that went [pic
of Randy Orton being angry here].
Kofi was even a tag champion on 3 separate
occassions before
teaming with Big E and Xavier Woods – points
for anyone who can comment with who his partners
Spoiler alert: the answers are CM Punk, R-Truth
and Evan Bourne.
Remember Team Airbourne?

Kofi has been a perpetual mid-carder, but
one who has notched up way more title wins
than you could
ever expect, earning him the right to be described
by New Day partner Woods as having had “a
Hall of
Fame career”, mostly without many of us noticing.
This is why he’s our number 1 entry in our
10 WWE
Wrestlers with More Championship Reigns Than
You Remember.
And that’s our list.
Did we miss any out?
Let us know in the comments below!
I’ve been xxx from
cultaholic.com, you can follow me on Twitter
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