10 NXT Call-Ups that just didn’t work out on WWE Main Roster (2019)

10 NXT Call-Ups that just didn’t work out on WWE Main Roster (2019)

Today we present you with 10
NXT Call ups that just didn’t
work out on WWE Main Roster (2019)
10: Bobby Roode
One of NXT’s most popular stars,
it didn’t take Bobby Roode long
to capture the developmental
brand’s championship in January 2017
less than a year after his debut.
With his ornate robes and
classical style,
many fans compared the
Glorious One to a young Triple H,
though Roode has failed to have
the same success on the main roster.
Whilst an established main-
eventer in NXT,
Roode has become a defined
mid-carder on the main show,
after being called-up in the
summer of 2017.
It seems the main issue is that in NXT
Roode was a big fish in a small pond,
whilst there are plenty ofmore
popular stars on both RAW
and SmackDown Live.
Despite a recent name change
and reigns as United States,
RAW Tag Team
and 24/7 Champion,
it seems Roode is only popular
for fans nowadays
because of his truly incredible
theme song.
9: The Revival
In an era where smaller athletics
stars are leaping across the ring,
The Revival’s ‘no flips, just
fists’ gimmick in NXT
was a breath of fresh air.
Instead of flashy moves,
the pair focussed on tag-
based offence,
often cutting the ring in two
much like classic
tag teams like Tully and
Arn Anderson.
Though their no-flash required
personas worked well in NXT,
it turns out that some flash is
required on the main roster.
Despite impressive matches, the
pair have had little to do in
with the team of Dash and
Dawson only really making headlines
after asking for their release.
Other reports have said the
pair got in hot water
describing themselves as
aledgedly infuriating
Vince McMahon.
A reign as RAW Tag
Team Champions
seem to have stopped Dash
and Dawson leaving for now,
though their recent embarrassing
storyline with the Usos
has left a sour taste in the
collective mouth
of the WWE Universe.
8: Tye Dillinger
For someone who described
himself as Perfect,
Tye Dillinger sure did lose
a lot of matches in NXT.
After a while though, Dillinger’s
plucky attitude
and never-say-die grit earned
the respect of the NXT faithful,
who were willing to stick by
the Canadian throughout
When he made it to the main
roster though, fans weren’t so loyal.
Instead of a rabid crowd chanting
“ten!” for the so-called Perfect 10,
fans just couldn’t get behind him,
and WWE didn’t exactly give
him many exciting feuds.
The only accomplishment of
Dillinger’s time on the main roster
was the novelty of entering the
Royal Rumble at number 10.
A fun goofy spot,
but something a wrestler can’t
exactly build a career around.
With fans losing interest in him,
the company seemingly having
no plans for him
and an injury taking up much
of Dillinger’s time,
it came as no surprise when
the Perfect 10 announced
his departure
from the company in February 2019.
7: Bayley
Though she may have recently
captured the SmackDown
Women’s Championship,
Bayley’s time on the main roster
has been far from easy.
Being called up from NXT in 2016,
Bayley’s brief title reigns with
the RAW Women’s gold
and Tag Titles were quickly
forgotten about,
as the Huggable One has been looked past
in favour of other stars time
and time again.
As if short reigns weren’t bad enough,
a series of awkward feuds
haven’t helped,
from the cringe-inducing ‘This
is your Life’ with Alexa Bliss,
to her teased heel turn against
Sasha Banks,
, which ultimately went nowhere.
If that wasn’t bad enough,
fans can look back at her
incredible time in NXT
where Bayley was treated much better,
and the comparison between
her time in developmental brand
and the main roster is startling.
The first ever Women’s Grand
Slam winner,
fans can only hope that
Bayley’s career now
on the Blue Brand will be much
better than her time
so far on the WWE main roster.
6: The Ascension
From the moment The
Ascension made their
debut on the WWE main roster,
their mystique ended.
In NXT, the team of Konnor and Viktor
were an unstoppable force,
holding the brand’s tag team titles
for almost an entire year.
The problem with their call up, is
that it came at a strange time
in wrestling, especially in the
tag team division.
With the division being a mixture
of makeshift teams like Rybaxel,
long established teams like the
New Day,
and the recently reunited
Dudley Boyz,
it seemed there was just no
room for the Ascension.
Despite being portrayed as
towering monsters in NXT,
the 6-foot 2 and 6-foot 4 stars
looked drastically smaller
on the main roster.
The final nail in their coffin
came during one of the pair’s
first appearances on RAW,
when the commentary team
referred to the dup as
Legion of Doom ripoffs,
and even four years later, the pair
still struggle to be relevant.

5: Apollo Crews
In the past, Triple H has said he would
never pull anyone up from NXT to the
WWE main roster
unless there was a clear plan laid out.
Well the case of Apollo Crews has
either proved that the Game is a liar
or Vince McMahon doesn’t
listen to his son-in-law, because the
former Uhaa Nation has done nothing
but struggle on the main roster.
Crews’ main problem after being moved
to SmackDown in the 2016 Brand Extension,
is that the man
lacks any sort of an edge and has spent
the majority of his time in promos smiling
An incredibly talented athlete, Crews is
always able to deliver in the ring, but
without a character
other than ‘generic smiling man’,
in-ring skill can only take him so far.
Though the athletic story has been
featured against prominent opponents,
including The Miz, Braun Strowman
and Kurt Angle, Crews almost always
end up on the losing end.
Unless something changes soon, it
seems Apollo won’t be in WWE for
much longer, a real shame
considering he was one of NXT’s
biggest signings from the independent
4: Adam Rose
Though Rose seems to be doing
much better now he’s out of wrestling,
the former WWE Superstar
suffered greatly on the company’s main
Originally billed as Leo Kruger in NXT’s
predecessor FCW, the Exotic Express took
NXT by storm as
fans flocked to become one of Adam’s
Like many on this list though, Rose’s
transition to the main roster wasn’t
smooth, as it seemed
neither fans nor WWE themselves were
ready to invest in the character.
A true jobber, Rose failed the company’s
Wellness Policy twice, and got in hot
water in May 2016
when he was arrested for tampering with
a witness in a domestic assault case.
Instantly suspended, it was clear WWE
would never attempt to push him again
after the controversy,
and after his release that same month,
Rose has retired from wrestling, and is
3: Bo Dallas
As a former NXT Champion and part
of a historic Wrestling family, Bo Dallas
had a lot going
when he jumped to the main roster
in 2014.
Down in NXT, Dallas had transitioned
from a lovable champion to an egotist
with a creepy smile and
was pushed heavily as a motivational
speaker when he came to the main
Notching up an impressive winning
streak, things seemed well for Dallas,
though once it ended,
the company didn’t have a new
plan for him.
Quickly falling down the mid-card,
Dallas has struggled to remain
relevance, and
has only returned to a modicum of
success recently after years of being
a jobber.
Part of Dallas’ bad booking may be
due to his actions out of the ring, as
he was arrested
for driving under the influence in February
2012, and was arrested against in September
2016 for public intoxication.
He may be a solid hand in the ring and
a good henchman, but we can’t see
Dallas moving up the card anytime soon.
2: EC3
Unlike most on this list, EC3 hasn’t
just transitioned from NXT to the mid
card badly once, but twice.
Under his original name Derrick Bateman,
the future Superstar competed on both
season 4 and
season 5 of the original NXT, though
after being given little by the company
was released in May 2013.
During his time away, Bateman would
do huge things as EC3 in Impact Wrestling,
the company’s World title twice, as well
as the Grand Championship.
Returning to WWE in 2018, Carter
started strong competing for the NXT
North American Title,
before being called up in December
Much like his previous tenure on the
main roster, EC3 has struggled greatly
on the main roster,
though it’s hard to pinpoint why.
The biggest win of his main-roster tenure
came against former WWE Champion
Dean Ambrose,
though despite the huge victory, nothing
came of it afterwards.
Perhaps Vince McMahon simply doesn’t
want to see someone he let go come
back and do better,
as Carter was paired with his old TNA manager
Drake Maverick, but the pairing was cut
before it made it to air.
Whatever the reason, the future
doesn’t look bright for the 1 percenter.
1: Bray Wyatt
In NXT, Bray Wyatt was at his arguable
peak of mysteriousness, as the Manson-
like leader of the
Wyatt family proved himself to be
consistently entertaining.
Called up to the main roster in the
summer of 2013 though, Wyatt started
strong, but quickly fell down the card.
Despite being in prominent feuds against
the likes of John Cena, The Undertaker and
Roman Reigns,
Wyatt lost all of these feuds, and it’s
frankly difficult to get behind a guy who
keeps on losing.
Capturing the WWE Championship at
Elimination Chamber 2017, fans of the
Eater of Worlds hoped
this would be a fresh start, though
he lost the gold just one month later.
Wyatt’s promos have come under
scrutiny as well, as though the mysterious
figure talks a lot,
his character actually says very little.
Recently returning with his Firefly Fun
House, fans are still optimistic about Wyatt,
who they hope
will finally get to prove himself as a
true star much like he did in NXT.
Well guys that’s our list
Can you guys name any other
NXT calls up that WWE dropped
the ball on?
Drop us a comment below
and let us know, We are sure
they are plenty out there
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  1. RetroAlchemist18 2000

    I'm impressed you were able to keep this list at only ten, pretty much the majority of every NXT call up gets screwed over by creative

  2. Ec3 Bobbie Roode and the perfect 10 woukd have been good if vince didn't mess wirh them. Bayley is good but held back way too long and way roo much. The assention is only LOD ripoffs. Cruz is only being toyed wirh and not given a fair chance. Rose was a lame duck. Bo Dallas needs a character change but not one that makes him look like his brother. Bray would be fine if he went back to his original gimmick. The firefly funhouse sucks

  3. 10?? Didn't they ALL fail thanks to being buried by clueless Vince?? Look at your first two entries. Bobby Roode and the Revival. All three guys remind me of Horsemen. All three buried by Vince.

  4. Damn he left no i love the perfect 10 gimmick i guess i was the only loyal fan who sticked with him since nxt sad to see him go just like dean wwe is just boring now both my favorite wrestlers are gone AEW is pretty cool tho.

  5. I don't agreed bayley admin because she is grand slam champion and e.chamber winner ,first ever tag team champion and miss money in the bank 2019 and wwe makes a few plans and changes for her career to started

  6. They were all screwed by Vince and his "creative" team. It would not surprise me at all if they wind up in AEW.

  7. EC3 should have went to Ring of Honor and New Japan and then he could have joint all elite wrestling hopefully he leaves the wwe in the future a lot of TNA wrestlers are getting punished by wwe the only former TNA wrestler's that are getting big main event pushes AJ styles and Samoa Joe and Robert roode

  8. There are other people I would put besides Bayley and Wyatt. Bayley was huge on the main roster at one point, not to mention she's the first women's Grand Slam champion. They wouldn't give that to just anyone. And Wyatt was WWE champion, feuded with Cena and the fcking Undertaker. Regardless of the outcome, I would call that a win.

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