10 Largest WWE Superstars Of The 21st Century: Where Are They Now?

10 Largest WWE Superstars Of The 21st Century: Where Are They Now?

10 Largest WWE Superstars Of
The 21st Century: Where Are They Now?
10) Chris Masters
When Chris Masters debuted in the WWE,
his incredible physique and grand
entrance quickly earned him the
nickname ‘The Masterpiece’
Posing like Auguste Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’,

the colossal 6 foot 4, 275lbs star was
given a huge push during his initial run
presumably because of Vince McMahon’s
love of muscly men,
,before being suspended and later
released in November 2007 due to
violating the company’s wellness policy.
Working on the independent scene
from 2007-2009,
Masters would eventually be forgiven
and return to the company, thanks in
part to his friend Randy Orton.
Despite clearly developing his skill
in the ring whilst away,
this second WWE run didn’t go well,

,with Masters quickly being reduced to
lower mid-carder, where he would put
over other stars.
Being drafted to RAW in April 2011,
Masters would never actually compete
on the red brand,
as he would be showcased solely at
house shows and WWE Superstars,
where he wrestled his last match in
August, unsurprisingly losing to Jack
After being released, Masters has
returned to the indie scene,
, with his reputation as a former
Superstar helping him to receive
steady bookings.
Mostly working as the muscle for
smaller heels,
Masters found himself in Impact Wrestling,
but parted ways with the company in
January 2018.
Whilst the future may be unclear
for the Masterpiece,
his success outside the company
must certainly be impressive to WWE
meaning a return to WWE may be on
the cards.
9) Nathan Jones
There’s fewer ways better to
start than your career,
than aligning with one of the WWE’s
biggest stars
ever: The Undertaker.
But despite debuting with a lot of hype,
the gargantuan 6 foot 11 Nathan
Jones quickly lost his push
in the worst way
as the company decided he was too
green to appear at WrestleMania 19,
pulling him from a tag match with
the Deadman at the last minute.
Returning months later as a psychotic
the 330lb star overpowered
many opponents on SmackDown,
though left the company as he was
tired of the hectic schedule.
After competing on the indie scene
for several years,
Jones would find himself in TNA
Wrestling, though would never
compete for the company,
as an accident with a cement mixer
left the Australian’s left arm with
severe nerve damage.
Walking away from Wrestling entirely
not long after,
Jones has been far more successful as an actor,
working with some of Hollywood’s
biggest stars.
Whether it be working alongside
Brad Pitt in Troy
Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road
or Stone Cold Steve Austin in
The Condemned,
it’s clear that Jones’ massive frame
and imposing look has made him
into a great villain on the big screen.
8) Judas Devlin
Many fans will never have heard of
Judas Devlin,
but if things had panned out differently,
he may have been one of WWE’s top stars.
Signing with the WWE in 2012, Devlin’s
6 foot 5, 233lb size made him an impressive
big man,
with the company putting him in FCW,
and even considering him to be a part
of the Wyatt family later in NXT.
Once in NXT though, Devlin failed to
make an impact
,competing almost exclusively at house
shows, before being released in 2014
after a severe spinal injury.
Never one to give up though, Devlin
would keep competing,
and made his biggest splash when he
joined Lunch Underground in 2016
,where he capture the company’s trios
Despite being killed off the show by a
sword wielding Johnny Mundo,
Devlin has continue to remain relevant,
working several independent promotions,
and even appeared on the 2015 edition
of Big Brother, where he came in fifth.
That same year, Devlin would reconnect
with WWE,
though as one of several former Superstars
who spoke out against NXT trainer Bill DeMott.
Alongside stars such as EC3, Devlin
claimed that DeMott made rookies
perform dangerous drills,
and often bullied talent, using homophphic
and racist slurs, whilst also condoning
sexual harassment.
Devlin’s comments, as well as statements
by others caused a PR nightmare for the
and whilst DeMott has denied the allegations,
he resigned from the WWE in March 2015
saying he wanted to “avoid any
embarrassment or damage” to the company.
When TNA’s Chris Harris
jumped ship to the WWE,
many fans wondered
how the former Tag Team Champion
would fare on his own.
Unfortunately for Harris,
his new character Braden Walker
was doomed from the start,
with the name itself sounding like an
G.I. Joe character instead of a WWE
Despite being 6 foot 2 and 232lbs
it was clear to all fans that Walker
was overweight and rusty
after not competing for six months
following his WWE signing.
After an embarrassing promo where
Walker said he was going to “knock
your brains out”,
Walker appeared on the ramp, hands
on his hips, as if he’d already given
up on the character.
After two sloppy matches
the company quickly released him
in 2008,
with Harris reuniting with James
Storm in TNA not long after.
Despite his short WWE tenure, and
it being over a decade ago,
the character has become a
running punchline
for many wrestling fans.
The more creative of these jokes
have included a promotional video
for Walker being inducted into the
WWE Hall of Fame,
and a 3-disc boxset of the character’s
best moments and matches, yes all 2
of them,
as part of the company.
Now 44 years old, Harris remains
active on the independent scene
where he isn’t hesitant to tell
interviews how much he
despised Braden Walker.
6) Matt Morgan
At 7-foot-tall, Matt Morgan is the
tallest Superstar on this list
which you’d think would’ve
guaranteed him a World title run.
After all, there have been plenty of
giants who have captured the world title,
with names like the Big Show
and the Great Khali all coming to mind.
The first-time fans saw Morgan
was on the second season of
Tough Enough,
and whilst he had to leave the
show due to injury,
the 330 pounder was signed to
the WWF in 2002.
Debuting in OVW in October
as the Blueprint
Morgan dominated the brand for the year
before joining the main roster,
where he was reportedly going
to become Abel
the third brother to The Undertaker
and Kane.
Upon appearing on SmackDown,
Morgan failed to impress
as his in-ring ability and mic skills
left mch to be desired.
Being sent back to OVW didn’t
help either,
and by the time Morgan resurfaced
on the blue brand
it seems the company wanted to
accentuate his shortcomings
giving him the gimmick of a stuttering
monster, defensive over his speech
Leaving in July 2005,
Morgan competed in Europe and Japan
before finding a new home in TNA,
where he competed as both a
heel and a face
winning the company’s Tag Team
titles twice.
Leaving the company in 2013,
Morgan returned briefly in 2015
and 2017
but has turned to other ventures
providing reviews of WWE
programming for Wrestling Inc
and even became District 4 City
Commissioner of Longwood,
in 2017.
5) Tyler Reks
Joining the WWE in 2008,
Tyler Reks had a very unique look,
as his long dreadlocks only accentuated
the massive height and size of the
6-foot 5 Superstar.
After a year in FCW,
his big break came in ECW in June 2009,
debuting as a surfer in a backstage
promo with Zack Ryder.
Unfortunately for the 246lb star,
the gimmick didn’t exactly get over,
with Reks being repackaged
as a brooding monster
with no mention of his fun-loving
ECW days.
Reks would quickly drop down
the company’s totem pole
becoming part of a jobber tag-team
with Curt Hawkins and another
gimmick change.
This time, Reks would be a stripper,
though the gimmick only lasted a week
as the big man asked for his release
in August 2012.
Reks’ relationship with the company
wasn’t exactly helped by him
and Hawkins creating the animated
YouTube series
Mid-Card Mafia in 2011,
as whilst the WWE love social
media now
they didn’t appreciate the true trying
to get themselves over.
Leaving wrestling entirely
Reks founded an internet company
called Local Marketing 2.0,
and even ran for Senator in 2013,
though didn’t win.
Not being defeated, Reks would later
found BodySpartan,
a fitness website to help customers
lose weight,
with Reks proving that there is
a life for Superstars
outside the WWE.
4) Ezekiel Jackson
2) Tyson Tomko
4) Ezekiel Jackson
When Brian Kendrick shunned
his pretty-boy babyface ways to
become the cocky heel ‘THE’ Brian
the future Cruiserweight champion
needed some muscle.
Enter Ezekiel Jackson, who certainly
had plenty of muscle on his
309lbs frame,
who helped Kendrick win many
before the duo were split in April 2009.
Now going it alone in ECW,
Jackson impressed officials enough
to earn himself a push
with the personification of domination
being the final ECW Champion,
later joining the Corre
and capturing the Intercontinental
Championship in 2011.
After losing the title to Cody Rhodes
though, things would quickly head
south for Jackson,
as a series of injuries derailed
his WWE career,
with the company releasing him on
April 6th 2014
bizarrely, the same day as
WrestleMania 30.
Joining Lucha Underground as
Big Ryck not long after,
Jackson once again found himself
once again in an evil stable
where the ginormous 6-foot-3 star
once again provided the group’s muscle.
Not wanting to be tied down to
just one promotion,
Jackson also joined TNA that same year,
appearing alongside fellow WWE-
alum Gene Snitsky,
aligning with Dixie Carter.
As the final ECW Champion as
part of the WWE’s third brand
Jackson claimed to be the
personification of hardcore wrestling
much to the chagrin of the actual
ECW talent,
including Bully Ray,, Devon
and Tommy Dreamer.
Whilst he may have retired from
in-ring competition in October 2015
Jackson still remains a large part
of the wrestling community
opening his own promotion,
Bryckhouse Pro Wrestling,
where he works as a trainer for
the next generation of stars.
3) Vladimir Kozlov
It’s no secret that
the WWE aren’t afraid to use
being from a different country as
a means to get heat,
with the Iron Sheik
Bret Hart
and Rusev
all being portrayed as anti-American.
So when Vladimir Kozlov debuted
in the WWE,
the massive 303lb Sambo champion
was quickly pushed into the main event,
competing with then WWE-
Champion Triple H
After losing to the Game though,
Kozlov quickly lost all momentum
though did have an entertaining
face run
with Santino Marella in 2010,
shortly before his release the
next year
After parting ways with the company
Kozlov competed for the Inoki
Genome Federation,
before calling it quits with wrestling,
retiring from the industry in
October 2012.
Instead focussing on a career in acting
Kozlov has appeared in several
shows in Russia and Ukraine,
as well as appearing in hit US series’
including Burn Notice
and The Wire.
The Russian’s huge 6-foot-6 frame also
made him the perfect candidate to
be a stuntman for Fast and Furious 6
with his work in John Wick 2
cementing the former Tag Champion
as a bonafide actor.
Perhaps wanting to give opportunities
to other stars,
Kozlov took a step behind the camera,
forming Quaser Entertainment in 2014
a full service production company
where he serves as vice president.
Despite leaving wrestling, Kozlov
has maintained his incredible physique
meaning the company are probably regretting releasing him in 2011.
2) Tyson Tomko
Tyson Tomko is probably most
fondly remembered
as being the enforcer of Christian
and Trish Stratus
and standing at an imposing 6 foot 7,
it was clear why Captain Charisma
picked him.
But before he was helping the
Canadians out
Tomko joined the WWE In 2002,
working primarily as the monster heel bodyguard
until his release in 2006.
After going his own way, Tomko
would travel to Japan
, working for New Japan,
where he captured the IWGP Tag
Titles on two occasions.
Reuniting with Christian in TNA
around the same time
Tomko would shockingly sign a
to return to the WWE in November 2008,
with the 292 pounder hoping to be
the center of attention,
instead of just the heavy.
Working a dark match against
Paul Burchill as a face in December,
thinks were looking good for Tomko,
before a tear in his back left him
on the shelf,
as the company released him in
March 2009,
without ever reappearing on
This clearly didn’t help Tomko
physically or mentally,
as problems with substance
abuse derailed is career more
and getting caught for robbery
forced him to check into rehab.
Cleaning himself up, Tomko
returned to the independent circuit,
making a handful of appearances
before retiring in 2016.
Marrying his bodybuilder wife
Bethany, Tomko is a changed man
and now works as a motivation
hoping to inspire thousands of people
to avoid the same mistakes he made.
1) Gene Snitsky
1) Gene Snitsky
The WWE have never been the best
when it comes to dealing with
but their absolute worst moment
may have been
when Gene Snitsky debuted on
Monday night RAW
After shoving Kane into a pregnant Lita,
the former Women’s Champion
suffered a miscarriage
and whilst it was all just a storyline
it didn’t make things any easier
to watch.
Playing the role of a psychotic heel,
the plan was for Snitsky to go
over Kane
though the objectively massive 6-
foot-8 Snitsky was dwarfed by Kane,
and after failing to live up to the hype
he was quickly downgraded to
a lower mid-carder.
After being released by WWE
Snitsky would compete on the indies
even joining TNA in 2014.
After leaving the company though,
it seems that the 307lb monster of
a man fancied a change,
becoming the pitchman for Tristar
where he demonstrated the
company’s pressure cooker.
Outside of advertisements
Snitsky has also taken up several
acting roles,
appearing as a criminal on ABC
Primetime’s What Would You Do
and even playing a part in a 2014
Power Rangers fan film
After working on the indies for
a decade
Snitsky announced his retirement
from wrestling in June 2018
and now seems more contempt,
balancing acting with his own life
where he’s able to perform death
defying stunts, without having
to take bumps.
Well guys,that’s our list. Who are you
wondering where they have dissapeared
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